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PACKAGE A - BBD $135.00
(2 Hi-Res Digital Images)
      *  One (1) Presentation Scroll Photo
      *  One (1) Portrait Photo

PACKAGE A - BBD $135.00

$150.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price
  • Given the unique state of taking Photos on Graduation Day.

    • 75% refund if the request is given (2) days prior to the date of Graduation
    • On the night of the Graduation given the volume of persons. It is expected to have a waiting period before your photos are taken. If the delay is inordinately long you are not guaranteed a refund. As such once communicated, at the discretion of the photographer your photos can be taken up to (5) days  after the graduation, providing your excuse for not attending and or leaving on the photo session is  justifiable.
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